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3 bottles of Nelly Tickner tonic cordial

3 bottles of Nelly Tickner tonic cordial

What is it?

Nelly Tickner Tonic Cordial is a small batch quinine cordial/ syrup hand made in the heart of Surrey. Made to an old, original recipe that predates the regular tonic waters of today, Nelly tastes unique. We think Nelly Tickner is so surprising that you’ll never drink regular tonic water again.

A single batch is just 50 bottles - we have no intention of increasing this at any stage. At 50 bottles, we can have full quality control over every element of our tonic cordial and we aren't interested in compromising that for volume.


Who was Nelly?

Nelly Tickner was our beloved Grandmother. Born and raised in Guildford, Surrey, she loved nothing more than having good friends and family around her and telling a good tale over a G&T.

We miss her dearly, and decided that with all the mundanity in the world of mixers, she’d be delighted to know we had created an old fashioned tonic syrup in her honour, just the way she used to do back in 1965.

She was the quintessential English gentlewoman – a no nonsense lady who shared what she had with many and we hope this spirit of togetherness comes to you with every bottle of Nelly Tickner you enjoy..

Nelly and her beloved Bert at the seaside.

Nelly and her beloved Bert at the seaside.

Nelly Tickner bottle and serve

Nelly Tickner bottle and serve

How to use it

Nelly is designed to be mixed with soda water or added to cocktails in place of regular tonic water.

We recommend trying different amounts of Nelly to soda – some prefer a stronger flavour, some enjoy a subtle profile.

Our favourite is 1 part Nelly to 2 parts gin, topped up with around 250mls of soda or sparkling mineral water. Or add neat to cocktail recipes for an exciting twist.

We recommend keeping Nelly in the fridge after opening. Enjoy and store for up to 3 months once opened – but use your common sense. It’s made with all natural ingredients and so it’s worth checking it as you get close to 3 months before adding it to expensive gins.

Nelly is bottled in a dark, glass bottle to help protect our delicate ingredients from the light. If you’re storing it prior to opening, make sure she rests in a dark, cool place away from direct light.

Taste profile

Nelly’s recipe is a closely guarded secret in our family, but we can tell you that we use a plethora of flavour rich ingredients such as Madagascan vanilla pod, Sicilian orange oil, various fresh citrus peels, cardamom, real cinchona bark and sweetened with low GI organic agave to mention a few.

If you’re trying Nelly for the first time, you’ll find it to taste earthy, dry and bittersweet. Because it isn’t made with chemicals and synthetic sugars, the sweetness is just right and allows the natural flavour profile of craft gins to shine through. 

Gin pairings

Because Nelly has a herby, citrus and spiced profile, we think she pairs best with heavy juniper led, cardamom, or citrus dominant craft gins (but she goes lovely with many others too).

Some of our favourite gins to pair Nelly with are Sacred Cardomom, OPHIR, Silent Pool, Bathtub, Hayman’s Old Tom, Tanqueray Rangpur, Saffron Gin.

The perfect serve

To make the perfect Gin & Tickner’s:

1 part Nelly
2 parts gin
200ml soda
Plenty of ice
Garnish: either a slice of orange OR fresh ginger and a sprig of bruised rosemary.

Mix the Nelly and Gin gently in the bottom of your favourite copa glass before adding ice and soda. Your drink should be the colour of a rich and dark champagne (thanks to the natural cinchona bark we use to extract quinine from).

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