We have a true passion for tonic.


Our grandmother, Nelly Tickner loved nothing more than a refreshing gin on a long, Surrey summer evening paired with fine conversation and good friends. Luckily we enjoy the same, so it's in the spirit of enjoyment that we are proud to offer you this unique tonic cordial, based on a recipe our Nelly loved.

After over 18 months of trial, error and several G&T's later, we were finally satisfied with recipe no.147. We produce small batches of 100 bottles when demand dictates, and we can't wait for you to try it!


Tonic cordial has a long history. Originally prescribed to sailors and armies in an effort to ward of malaria, cinchona tree bark releases quinine. The cinchona tree was affectionately named 'fever tree' for it's medicinal properties. This famous ingredient gives tonic it's aromatic and bitter flavour. We macerate our cinchona bark the old fashioned way which gives Nelly Tickner a rich, earthy colour and a spicy, dry flavour.


Hand selected botanicals such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, vanilla, cardamom, and sweetened with oganic blue agave nectar, all contribute to this unique flavour profile. This makes Nelly Tickner perfect for pairing with craft gins who have complex and unique botanical profiles of their own, and benefit from a more natural tonic partner than the heavy chemical made commercial tonic waters of today.